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Legal Statement
Gbswag  is for fan use only, we do not take any credit nor are affiliated with the media companies whatsoever for the media that is uploaded (news, videos,etc) but if Gbswag  made the content that is displayed, then we will state that we made it ourselves and should be edited by no one unless proper authorization is given.

The admins or mods/authors of Gbswag have done all the uploading of information, media, graphics and for all other future content for Gbswag. No one else has worked on this site, unless stated on a post that will be published. 
This is a blogger dedicated to all gaming and its media content. All the content here is free and if the media is shared with other sites/forums, we have no problems with sharing our news articles unless it's our Direct Links which we have the right to tell the admin to remove asap, because it drains our bandwidth which costs money, and they are getting the credit on their site(s).Gbswag does not believe in paying for FREE FAN media. Free fan media clearly states that it is meant for gaming fans, all for free.

If anyone has any comments or suggestions regarding this legal statement. Feel free to either comment in this post or contact a staff member

I look forward to hearing your point of views in the future.

Gbswag Co-Admin