Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hirai holds PSN press conference tomorrow

Sony’s confirmed that Sony Corp’s Kaz Hirai is to hold a press conference in Japan tomorrow to address last week’s PSN hacking crisis.
Hirai will speak at 2.00pm Japanese time (9.00pm PST, 12.00am EST, 5.00am BST, 6.00am CET) about the breach, as well as the firm’s information management system and the schedule to resume services.
PSN was hacked last week and taken offline completely as a result. Sony has since confirmed that user data was compromised, and that it can’t rule out the possibility that credit card details were stolen. The news has rocked the gaming world, and has been reported widely in the mainstream press as one of the largest ever online security failures. PSN is expected to be back online next week.

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