Friday, April 29, 2011

inFamous 2 Story is 12 Hours Long

Video Games these days are very expensive. Gamers want to make sure every game they purchase is long enough, and will be worth their $60 before they make their purchase. We're in luck, and we have a pretty good idea of how long the new game inFamous 2 will be.

Infamous 2's game director Nate Fox, was asked how long it would take to play through Sucker Punch's new game. He stated playing through the main story line would take about 12 hours. This does not include side missions, collectibles, and other features Sucker Punch puts in the game, that will most likely add a few more hours of electric fun. Another thing to keep in mind, is that inFamous is meant to be played twice. Once as a good Cole, and once as evil Cole.

When you add it all up inFamous 2 will probably be a decently lengthy game. You can expect inFamous 2 to come out on June 7th this year.


  1. Damn 12 hours of gameplay I need to pick up the first inFamous before I play 2

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