Friday, April 29, 2011

Relief for PS3 owners as Sony confirms that their account will not be reset...

PS3 owners can have one less thing to worry about today as Sony has comfirmed that PSN accounts will not be reset.

Answering questions from concerned gamers, SCEE Blog Manager, James Gallagher twice reiterated that when PSN comes back online it won't be reset.

"We’re not resetting accounts or anything like that, so when PSN is restored and you log on, everything will be as you left it."
"When PSN is restored, friend’s lists, trophies and wallet funds will all be exactly as they were before."
This is a rush of relief for me and no doubt millions of other gamers due to the countless hours that people have spent playing games to earn their upgrades, trophies and rewards. Also, many people were worried that their friends list will be deleted, while this may still be a possibility, it looks seemingly unlikely as losing data like friends lists and not losing trophies seems odd.

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  1. That is great would have gave up on getting trophies if I lost all them. And if your deleted off my list GB can I add back?

  2. i am glad that everything will be same