Friday, April 29, 2011

So guys, as the consumer, what do YOU want from the next Grand Theft Auto game?

Ever since GTA4, the next chapter in the Grand Theft Auto series has been very highly anticipated. Now the rumors are intensifying and are littering message boards and forums, discussing when it'll be released and announced, where it'll be set, and how much destruction can i cause in it. I would like the next GTA to have the graphics of GTA4, the craziness of San Andreas and the same quality storyline of Vice City. In other words, the ultimate GTA.

The lack of planes and other wacky items in GTA4 (Jetpack, Hyraulics on cars etc) will make the next GTA all the more sweeter. We are used to a realistic, and by GTA's standards, dull open world game with GTA4, but its realism made it more relatable to you and me, it felt much more like a living, breathing world then San Andreas any other GTA for that matter. It looked like NYC, looking over the sea in GTA4 before you unlock the second island made me get goosebumps. The concrete jungle, the magic lights of NYC right in front of you. If you felt the same way then Rockstar have acheived what they wanted to from GTA4, make a game that will change the way you feel about GTA. The lack of crazy items in Liberty City means that when we get them back in the next GTA, it feel all the more sweeter, finally donning the cockpit of a plane in glorious HD, looking below at the world before parachuting down there and destroying it will feel like a dream come true, making it truely, the ultimate GTA.

So tell me guys, what do YOU want from Rockstar in the next GTA?

To have to ability to go in every building?
To be able to get married?
To get to travel to other countries?

Tell us in the comment section below :)

On behalf of GamingBuzz,

(ps. if anyone is unsure of why planes arn't in GTA, Rockstar removed them as it would be disrespectful for people to have fun reenacting 9/11 on the Empire State building etc)


  1. 1. I Would Love To Have Way More Houses To Buy Like In San Andreas.

    2. Customize Cars. Like In San Andreas.

    3. Some Better Online Game Modes, Many Of The Game Modes In GTA V Were Not Even In Use Anymore.

    4. Being Able To Dive.

  2. Hi Jay ;)

    And @gghy i like the idea of buying houses, but how about the ability to go into EVERY building? that in itself would up the realism and, make it a lot more fun to explore. imagine walking in on a couple! this is Rockstar we're talking about, anything is possible!

  3. By the way,is live streaming running smooth?

  4. We havn't tryed it yet, but we'll let you know when we do it

  5. There should be drug deals like chinatown and you should be able to take drugs as well

    Hey ollie this weekend my place?