Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Starhawk" sequel to Warhawk (Details)

Wasn't expecting this, but according to an anonymous Sony employee a sequel to 2007' Third-person shooter Warhawk will debut at E3 with a public outing this May.
Here's what's known so far:

  • Warhawk has been in development for a few years now & will be officially revealed at E3 2011. It is still a Playstation 3 exclusive, which confirms one PS3 exclusive for E3 so far. 
  • The gameplay will remain the same, Starhawk is a third-person shooter that gives players access to tanks, jeeps, ACP's  but the now newly added spaceships (replacing jets from Warhawk) should add quite the mayhem online. 
  • LightBox Interactive is developing StarHawk after disbanding from Incognito Entertainment. Both companies worked developed Warhawk. 
  • Some maps will be set in space while others set on planets for ground war where ships should still be expected to blow each other up in the skies. You cannon fly from a planet into space. 
  • Starhawk will run on a brand new engine that will provide stunning visuals and keep its cartoonish art style. 
  • Unlike its predecessor Starhawk will have a singleplayer campaign offering variety to new comers of the franchise. 

Everything here sounds good to me and I wonder if they'll include character custimization to Starhawk. If a new Battlefront never comes Starhawk is surely to take Space Third-person shooters to new heights.