Monday, May 23, 2011

The Penguin in Batman Arkham City?

The cast of Arkham City is starting to unfold, with The Riddler being announced recently. Dax Ginn, Rocksteady's marketing manager, has released some information about the waddling midget and what you can expect from him in the upcoming game.

Ginn went on to state "The way that penguin has always been portrayed is as quite an aristocratic, well-spoken gentleman who's got these twisted delusions of grandeur." He added, "So we've made him a really horrible, nasty piece of work - but still with the delusion of grandeur. He dresses well, but in a poor taste, and we've made him this brutish, brutal guy but also key into collection fascination that he's had through out the years."

Now with the addition of The Penguin and The Riddler, who else would you like to see join the roster? Personally, I'd love to see Mr. Freeze tear through the city, as long as he's not voiced by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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