Sunday, May 1, 2011

Xbox 360 Sale during PSN Crisis (UPDATED)

After an insult from Microsoft to Sony earlier this week about the PSN's down time it seems they are trying even harder to take Sony's users from them. A picture has surfaced revealing Best Buys ad page and a picture of an Xbox 360 4GB Model was on it for $129.99.

A $70 discount from the original price and the deal is available for this coming week only.

I dont know if its just a coincidence that MS's console is being sold pretty cheap while the PSN is down but I really think otherwise. I favor Sony but this deal might just get me to buy an Xbox 360 again.

UPDATE: Offer is only available in Canada, you can look for a local gamestop there for a sick $100 trade in of your current xbox and getting the new one with kinect will only cost you $30. 



  1. that seems awesome ill defiently buy a xbox now, thanks for telling me about this sale, SWEET!!!!!

  2. Thats nice well im going to see if I can get one and I will be with sony till the end MS is just fucking themselfs with the cheap price a lot of PSN users have invested lots of money in the PS3 so MS can suck it. And im typing this on the day Osama Bin Laden died wtf yes this bitch is gone forever and in hell