Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dice Confirmed no 1080p for Battlefield 3 on Consoles

Controversy has struck concerning Battlefield 3 graphics on Playstation 3 & Xbox 360 after the ps3 version of the game was revealed on late night with Jimmy fallon which left a lot of fans dissatisfied.

Console gamers started to question why the ps3 version of Battlefield 3 didn't look quite as good as the PC version. It turns out that the console versions will produce only 720p graphics not 1080p like the on the pc confirmed by DICE.

Dice also explained that ps3 version has red dot because its a newer build  instead of the cross hair on the pc version. I still think Battlefield 3 should of remained of a PC exclusive when huge changes are in account between consoles& pc versions. You can find the gameplay that sparked this drama below.


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  1. When i have played battle field on PS3, then it was looking totally different and not good as i have played on PC. So at first time, i believe that i need extra graphic card for this game. So your article has solved my doubts.