Monday, December 19, 2011

DUST 514 - Your Guy Can Look Like This

DUST 514 was teased at E3 2011 and since then little has been shed about the game but the PS Blog just revealed the awesome suits in the game (I'm assuming will be accessible in multiplayer). There are 4 suits available, all of which are customizable.  Think Crysis 2 with suit customizations (hopefully a better online community too). The 4 suits are Caldari Assault, Standard Assault, Amarr Heavy, & Standard Heavy.

More info about all the suits at the PS BLOG, but heres a brief description of what their capable of:

The number and type of slots determine the modules (interchangeable hardware components that enhance or otherwise alter the functionality of the dropsuit), weapons, and equipment you can fit. The slot types available on dropsuits are as follows:

  • Light
  • Heavy
  • Sidearm
  • High
  • Low
  • Equipment
  • Grenade

The three weapon slots – Light, Heavy, and Sidearm – cascade. That is, a Heavy slot can be fitted with a Sidearm, Light or Heavy weapon and, similarly, a Light slot can be fitted with a Light or Sidearm weapon. The high and low slots are module slots, each used for particular types of modules. Equipment slots allow the dropsuit to carry deployable or handheld equipment such as scanners, nanohives, drop uplinks, repair tools and more that will be covered in a future blog. Lastly, grenade slots determine the capacity (i.e. how many you can carry) of the grenade types – Locus, AV, EMP – fitted.

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