Saturday, April 30, 2011

David Jaffe Raves About Starhawk - "Super Fresh & Cool"

An anonymous tipster at Sony confirmed yesterday that Lightbox Interactive has been developing a sequel to 2007 Warkhawk. Details of the game were exciting to read and according to David Jaffe had something about this upcoming online shooter.
A recent tweet from Jaffe (Twisted Metal/ God of War) to Light Interactive defitnetly set a nice tone for Starhawk's  upcoming reveal at E3 2011.

David Jaffe Tweets:
 @DylanJobe Sounds fun!Congrats2 you all!I only know a teeny bit about the game&think it’s super fresh&cool!Best of luck on ya’lls announce!

Very nice to see someone as respectable as David Jaffe give this upcoming game kudos. All Warhawk & online shooter fans should deftinetly keep their eyes open for Starhawk as it will be officially announced soon. 


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