Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kinect Hacked to Play Portal 2

Brad Cooley, the one who created the hack to play Portal 2 with the Kinect, says its a great game but he felt that portal 2 would be very interesting with motion controls.

So using the FAAST toolkit he used simple gestures and commands Using Kinect to aim, shoot, and move. While demonstrating the the new hack to play portal 2 some might see that it may be really frustrating at times using motion controls. Mainly because the game wasn't really meant to be played with motion controls.

But this probably sparked interest in the game developers for Portal 2. The PC gamers will get to play Portal 2 with motion controls when the Razer Hydra Hits the shelves this summer. The Razer Hydra is a motion sensing controller. It will be bundled with Portal 2 in the summer, The special edition of portal 2 will include Sixense TrueMotion levels to show off the capabilities of the motion controller.

What other games do you believe that would be great with motion controls but didnt have support for it?

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