Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Grand Theft Auto to be unveiled for the Wii 2 at E3?

One of the most amazing rumors is that Rockstar may have a development kit for the Wii 2 and they may be bringing Grand Theft Auto V to the platform. But to the good point.
Even if you’re not a fan of the series, getting the game on a Nintendo platform would be huge upgrade, as it is sells very well, and ties in with Nintendo’s rumored wish to “recapture the hardcore market.
But anyway, the latest nugget comes from the fellow who tweeted that the trailer video for the Wii 2 to be shown at E3 have been filmed. He’s tweeted that: 
It is my understanding that the new GTA will be unveiled at E3 in some capacity.I aslo recommend you follow him. -Jay 
If this glorious rumor is true. I doubt we’ll see a playable version, or even a trailer. I think it’ll just be a matter of Reggie starting out with defending Nintendo against the idea that Nintendo is “kiddieish,” and then segueing into a casual announcement of Grand Theft Auto V being released as a launch window title. Or maybe Rockstar’s logo will just pop up on the list of developers working with the platform. I don't know about you. But I can speak on behalf of gaming buzz society" We all want this". Cannot be any denial.

But who never know what is behind the close door at nintendo.

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  1. Honestly I don't care if GTA is released for the Wii 2. I'm not exactly a Nintendo fanboy and am not dropping money for another system. Not until the Ps4 at least. But yeah, hardcore games for the Wii 2 is pretty kick-ass.