Monday, May 2, 2011

Great Indie Shooter Available This Month Free

"The year 2029 you are placed in the boots a of soldier serving for humankind against the ruthless army of machines." 

A game I've been following since last summer at moddb "FPS Terminator" developed by The Original Studios is releasing their 2nd Alpha demo. I must say the game is turning out to be quite the project to look out for. At first glance it may look like PS3 exclusive Killzone but it's a game being developed on a low budget with tons of potential. This may be the first time a lot of people we'll see the Terminator franchise taken in this route, the first person shooter route. The game runs on the Unreal Development Kit engine and you'll  see a significant difference in gameplay since the last Alpha demo which you can download and play here. The following is what you can expect from the gameplay as posted by The Original Studios: 

"There are a few improvements done with the gameplay as well. First to mention is that the player has very little health, and will be mutilated if out in the open, so game will have a first person cover system that will let you duck behind a piece of rubble and quickly pop in and out to attack your enemies.
There is also a hint button now in case you get lost. hitting the button will pop Holographic arrows in the map that suggest paths the player could go (not has to go, remember the map is a sandbox). Some suggested me to use way-point markers instead, but In a sandbox environment, it doesn't show the player the options toward the destination."

Sometime in May the 2nd Alpha demo will be available for free download on moddb. Check back here for a review and I'll leave you with 2 in game screens.

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