Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mortal Kombat: Legacy "Ep. 4" Review

It's been 4 weeks now into the new series, Mortal Kombat: Legacy with this weeks entry "Kitana & Mileena". The plot revolved around Outworld Emperor Shao Khan and General Baraka leading his army of Tarkatans into Ethina.

Ethina was a peaceful realm which lost 10 consecutive Mortal Kombat thus allowing Outworld enter their realm, Sindel & kitanas safety in Edina is unsure.

First off the cinematography is exceptional It almost feels like a show that would be played  on the sci-fy channel & would easily be the best tv show. That may sound off putting but for a series thats being uploaded directly to youtube, its not. Mortal Kombat Legacy is easily the best current web series with the highest production value. Moving on to the story, which I felt was excecuted right but had plot holes. In this episode theres only a couple of action sequences but the whole purpose of it is more narrative focused then the past 3 episodes.

A few characters that were introduced in this weeks episode were (other than Kitana & Mileena) Syndel, Shao Kahn & Baraka. Barakas appearance relates more to his video game character roots then the one introduced last summer in the short. The actors performances were adequate, nothing too over the top but someone needs have a talk with the casting director because Shao Khan felt flat.  Shao Khan didn't give off any feeling of a Ruler nor emperor; not even intimidating for that matter.

Now some plot holes consist of The Kings indentity & Mileenas Birth which I felt caused confusion (no spoilers, its something you'll have to see for yourself.) Overall, the atmosphere was gritty, the story moved  along well because of the added japanese anime sequences which substitutes actually filming in a mountain because of budget (very nice.)  Now check out the episode down below and come back next week for a review of Episode 5.

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