Thursday, May 5, 2011

Interview With Deep Silver's Sebastian Reichert Lets Fans Know What to Expect

In a recent interview that had with Deep Silver's Sebastian Reichert, there were many things said that leaves fans with even more reason to buy the game when it finally releases. You can expect emotional scenes in the game, just like in the trailer that was seen earlier this year that turned into an internet phenomenon.

Other interesting things include the fact that you can drive a car, but it has to be still running. Dead Island is a "Blunt, Brutal, Survival Terror." Sebastian states that this game is not supposed to make you scared of whats around every corner. This game is not a hallway like a lot of other zombie games are. Dead Island is an open-world survival game that brings terror in things such as "-you will see a horde of zombies feasting on a corpse and the fear will come from the obvious questions: How the hell I am supposed to survive this? Can I run away? In what shape is my baseball bat? Is there still a Molotov cocktail in my backpack?"

Obviously, in a zombie game, melee is a huge part of the game. Sebastian stated that they took the "classic shooter design and translated into the close combat." Instead of ammunition, weapons degrade, and instead of reloading, stamina needs to be replenished. There is also a 4 player co-op mode in which you can apparently just join or leave a campaign whenever you please, and its very user friendly. Specifics of online multiplayer weren't stated. Dead Island is quickly shaping up to be one of the best zombie games of recent times.

-Could this potentially be a Dead Rising, or Left 4 Dead killer?

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