Monday, May 2, 2011

Is Apple producing a new gaming console?

 As you may have heard, rumors are floating around about Apple joining the video game industry. Apple is planning on expanding their iOS platform by producing a console. Most of the top selling apps on the app store just happen to be games, so producing a device strictly for games does not sound like such a bad idea.

The question is, how exactly are they going to produce a gaming console that people will actually consider purchasing? Their best chance is to create something similar to the AppleTv with more processing power, and of course the ability to play games. But if Apple really wants to create a great gaming console, their going to have to go way beyond and do something no one has seen before.

No one is really expecting Apple to reveal a console at E3 this year, but my best bet is if Apple is making some sort of console, you can expect it next year at the earliest.

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  1. I hope Apple doesn't make a console because the price to games will jump no more $60 games. and GB will die