Monday, May 2, 2011

New Nintendo System titled "Feel"?

New rumors have surfaced about Nintendo's next console, which will be revealed and playable at the upcoming E3 in June. The rumors are that the console will be called "Feel" and have a controller with a touch pad that simulates various textures and materials.

 Below is a rough translation from a Swedish website:

"After Touch will Feel
We have already heard that Nintendo will develop a controller with built-in screen. Since the information is leaked, it has drawn parallels to both Apple iPad and how Nintendo used the Game Boy Advance hand control to a few Gamecube games. But the new screen controller has another dimension – convey the sense of touch. Our source using the working title of Nintendo Feel .
Haptic technology is a form of tactile feedback Used To Simulate the experience of Different objects best moments on screen. The player cannabis move their fingertips across a surface and Clearly Feel the Difference Between Soft, smooth or rugged texture. Electronic companies across the World Have Been Conducting research in this field for years. It’s Been rumored that Apple is close to patenting a similar technology, and we’ve seen the Toshiba demonstration of ‘New Sensation UI Solution’ That Applies a thin film over a screen in order to Achieve a haptic effect. In Nintendo’s case, this is a natural progression of Both the Nintendo DS touch screen & the Wii technology.
And sure, anyone can imagine what the feeling of a furry coat against the fingertips would make for Nintendogs. One need not be especially familiar with The Legend of Zelda for the understanding of the fantastic in order to draw patterns in the sand, feel the coolness from the river, burn on lava or perceiving structures of the bark of an old tree.
But at the same time, Nintendo Feel an experience you will not want to explain in words, but just put in the hands of the player. Which probably explains why Nintendo chose to have playable demos at E3, with in June, although the finished console not being launched until 2012. " 
Sounds kinda weird to me but as long as it improves on everything the Wii did wrong then it should be pretty good. But we have to wait until E3 to find out if any of these rumors are real.


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