Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Wipeout Game

Towards the end of last year, Sony registered the domain WipeoutTrinity.com. Usually when a game developer registers a domain, it means they're planning on making a game that has something to do with that website name.

We are not quite sure what Wipeout Trinity is. It could be many things such as a new PS3 game, an HD remake of the 3 older Wipeout games, or it could be the new Wipeout game for the NGP.
Also, a game was leaked called Wipeout 2048. Sony purchased a second domain Wipeout2048.com, this year in April. Are we going to get 2 Wipeout games this year? No one knows, but my best guess is you can expect at least one new Wipeout game this year.

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