Thursday, May 5, 2011

Split/Second 2 Canceled Studio Lay-Offs Imminent , New Project At Disney

If you didn't already get enough of the abundance of racing games being released this year well get ready to take one off that list. According to Eurogamer Black Rock Studios is rumored to be laying people off tomorrow and only about 40 jobs are safe.

The source who tipped this off also mentioned that their workers at Black Rock studio have had nothing to do since December as said: 

"Aborted projects included a sequel to 2008 quad-bike racer Pure and a follow-up to last year's 

That leaves Split/Second 2 canceled and the Inactive part of the studio has been expecting lay offs for quite sometime now. The active part on the other hand are working on a promising project which the anonymous sources explains: 

"new and risky, so I imagine [Disney] don't want to risk putting two teams on it."

Back in January Disney confirmed that they will cut 700 members of their staff for a "restructuring process" if this is still true then the amount of people that will lose their jobs tomorrow will be the first wave. 


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