Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Future PS3 Players May have to Upgrade ASAP

A recent memo sent to Gamestop stores nationwide indicates that a future 160gb Playstation 3 model will only function with the use of an HDMI cord.

What this means for future customers is that they'll need an HDTV to play with the next PS3 model because they will no longer function on standard definition televisions. The memo notes these future PS3 models as The "K" systems and store clerks will have to address a customer upfront that an HDTV and HDMI cable is required to play.

Component cables (red,yellow, white cables) will no longer function with future models.

If this is all true it seems like Sony is trying to push everyone forward to the high definition era if they haven't already. Personally, I don't see how anyone can play in standard definition anymore but not many gamers can afford new tv's and thats understandable. Is this a good move? Memo screen below



  1. Well this might be a smart move by Sony.
    Cause sony has a good number of Great HDTV's.
    So not only will you need to Buy the PS3 but also the TV. so say a PS3 cost 2000 NOK and the TV 4000 NOK. they get 6000 NOK from all future PS3 buyers. But stil for those who can't aford a TV only the PS3 Sony might just send them over to the Xbox. Well, there's 2 sides to this case.
    I have a HDTV sp for me it's OK.
    But i also have a PS3 allredy so it Don't hit me.


  3. LOL at the link and yes why are ya'll playing in Standard? I got that 42 in. son and wheres little dick?