Sunday, July 10, 2011

Square Enix Money Loss. Opinions.

So if you haven't heard, Square Enix, famous Japanese game developer, has suffered an crucial money loss from dropping their game Gun Loco and the devastating earthquakes in Japan. They plan on losing $148.33 by the end of 2011. Things aren't looking good for Square Enix. Square Enix has been around forever producing hit role playing games like the Final Fantasy franchise. They are extremely popular around the world. I guess overall I want to display my opinion on how Square Enix can pick up their scattered pieces and get back on track.

It looks as if it is time for Square Enix to release a game that will be a money maker, a hit, something that Square Enix can bank on. The company has not produced a decent game since Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep in fall of 2010, and one that has sold many copies at that. Square Enix has is not really the best developer, for it's games other than Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts usually flop, and suck to be honest. They are a lot like Capcom; in the way that they only produce decent games in one genre. Capcom's only good games, in my opinion, is Street fighter and Resident Evil; the rest do not reach this generations standards. Square is the same way; only their rpg games do well, their other projects often fail, Gun Loco for example. They best thing to say is for Square to stick to their roots, and produce more rpgs.

So what do I think should be done? Kingdom Hearts 3 would be a decent money maker, and would make plenty of die-hard fans happy (me included). Even Kingdom Hearts remastered for the PS3 would sell millions. Why not finally finish Kingdom Hearts 3, we all know it's in development. My dream is for them to finally remake Final Fantasy VII; why not? All they would have to do is revamp the graphics, add voice overs, and put the game on the recent Final Fantasy engine. The game would be a top seller, especially in Japan; it would also raise the sales of Playstations through the rough. Square Enix would end up looking like angels to Sony. Final Fantasy VII is one of the best games of our time, and all time. It needs to be shown to the new generation of gamers, such as Super Mario 64, and Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time has done. I may be wrong, but the time for this is coming. If they can release one of the various games they have in development and get up enough money for Final Fantasy VII, Square will be back on top of the gaming world. Maybe I'm wrong; what do you think about a Final Fantasy remake?

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